FLG Secures Purchase of $2.8 Million Home For Its Client In Hotly Contested Real Estate Transaction.

This case presented a truly unique set of facts.  FLG’s client leased a home in Los Angeles, with an option to purchase it in the event it came on the market.  A year into the lease, the home’s owner enteredRead More

FLG Defeats Insurance Broker Lawsuit In Three Motions.

FLG recently won an early dismissal of a multi-million dollar lawsuit against a national insurance brokerage on statute of limitations grounds.  Plaintiff alleged that the broker had failed to properly tender a claim, which resulted in a denial of coverage andRead More

Fernald Law Group Prevails In Employee Arbitration Appeal

Fernald Law Group obtained a reversal of an order denying a motion to compel arbitration in a wrongful termination lawsuit brought by a client’s former employee.  At issue was whether an employee can be deemed to have accepted an agreementRead More

Trial Victory In Employment Discrimination Case-UPDATED

Following the verdict, FLG filed a JNOV motion seeking to overturn the portion of the verdict awarding $7,000 to the plaintiff on the sixth cause of action. The motion was granted by the trial court in full. A copy ofRead More

FLG Defeats Summary Judgment In Hotly Contested Real Estate Litigation

Following two and a half years of litigation, Fernald Law Group defeated the defendant’s Motion for Summary Adjudication in a heavily contested real estate litigation case.  The case now goes to trial October 5, 2015.  A recent article about thisRead More

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