The Firm has handled a variety of disputes involving members of limited partnerships and limited liability companies. This area of the law is surprisingly complex, as it incorporates statute, contract, case law as well as unique conflict of interest issues. In addition, these disputes are often vigorously litigated, as they often combine both business and personal interests. Fernald Law Group LLP attorneys can assist you in successfully navigating these complexities in order to achieve a successful outcome.

We have assisted several owner/operators in maintaining control of their operations in the face of emergency motion practice and the like. By way of example, the Firm has assisted several clients in defeating applications for temporary restraining orders to remove managing members and/or to appoint a receiver, as well as subsequent motions for preliminary injunction.

As a result of our work in this area, we have established relationships with consultants in areas of expertise that often arise in these types of disputes, including but not limited to corporate governance, accounting and taxation. Thus, we bring not only an experienced litigation perspective to your dispute, but are able to immediately bring additional, specific expertise to bear when required.

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