Fernald Law Group LLP attorneys are not just litigators; they are trial attorneys. Every firm attorney has tried cases to verdicts before juries, judges and arbitrators. We have similarly argued appeals in state and federal courts across the country involving innumerable areas of controversy. The Firm also handles disputes before a wide variety of non-judicial forums such as federal and state agencies.

Fernald Law Group LLP’s approach to litigation emphasizes the firm’s guiding principle of providing the highest quality of service at the greatest value. Firm attorneys are focused on evaluating actual and potential litigation at the earliest stages, to first determine if litigation can be avoided, or, if it is filed, whether the matter can be resolved quickly and economically. We pride ourselves on handling our litigation matters as efficiently as possible. For the largest cases, we can bring all necessary resources to bear, but for smaller matters, we believe in lean staffing with the appropriate experience and expertise. Critically, our litigators think not just as lawyers, but as business men and women, utilizing optimal resources and devising the most advantageous strategies for the most efficient and favorable results. Firm lawyers are also well-versed in a wide array of alternative dispute resolution techniques, including arbitration and mediation. In addition, the conduct of litigation at every stage is performed in complete and close consultation with our clients.

Fernald Law Group LLP’s trial practice is enhanced by first rate case management support and technology resources. Firm attorneys utilize technology in a manner which not only enhances their practice, but reduces the cost of litigation. These technology tools allow us to avoid reinventing the wheel; when we begin work on a new case, we are able to access a vast database of research, writing and analysis, and thereby produce a superior work product.