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In addition to being an attorney, the Firm's founder is a licensed real estate broker in California. Our attorneys are regularly called upon to advise on real estate disputes in the residential and commercial space. We have litigated all manner of real estate disputes, including boundary, disputes, option agreements, and lease disputes. We understand the duties owed by real estate agents and broker, as well as sellers and buyers, and regularly enforce them, whether on the side of the plaintiff or defense.


In addition to wrangling with insurers on behalf of their clients, Fernald Law Group attorneys represent some of the largest insurance brokerages nationwide. We understand insurance and are well equipped to assist clients in obtaining coverage for claims. In addition, we regularly represent insurance brokers, who are often targeted as 'insurers' of last resort when a claim is denied.


Fernald Law Group has represented multiple software and web developers over the years in civil dispute arising out their work. Our attorneys can assist at the beginning in preparing agreements that help protect technology firms from frivolous claims. When a claim arises, we assist clients with obtaining insurance coverage, and ultimately defending the claim. We have successfully tried a number of software and web development disputes to verdict.


Fernald Law Group regularly represents boat owners and servicers. Whether the issue involves obtaining insurance coverage for an on the water calamity, defending a negligent service claim, or seeking to recover as a result of personal injuries on the water, our attorneys are well equipped to assist you. Our attorneys have represented a family in an on the water incident involving an explosion, assisted a yacht owner in obtaining insurance coverage for a blown pod drive, and defended a marine servicer with respect to negligent repair claims.

Employment Law

Employment attorneys advise both employees and employers on the legal standards set by the government under which they are employed. Employment lawyers can offer employees explanations of their rights, advise businesses on compliance law, and help employees file complaints where needed.

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